HUD Approved Housing Counselor's (HECM) Exam


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: I took the HECM exam and did not pass. Is there a mandatory waiting period before I am allowed to retake the exam?

Answer: While HUD does not mandate a waiting period, it is recommended that all examinees review the exam material and wait at least one week before retaking the exam to allow themselves adequate time to fully prepare. If a test taker's score is 10 points or more below a passing score of 80, the recommended review period is two weeks.

Question: Who do I contact if I have forgotten my Login and Password information?

Answer: Send an email to supportnetcert@netcertification.com or call at (740) 792-8162.

Question: What is the fee to take the HECM exam?

Answer: The exam fee is $100.00 for each exam session. See Cancellation/Refund policy.

Question: How often do I have to take the HUD HECM exam?

Answer: To remain an active HECM counselor, you must take the exam once every three (3) years.

Question: What is a considered a passing grade on the HUD HECM exam?

Answer: A passing grade is 80%.

Question: How often can I take the HUD HECM exam?

Answer: You can take the HUD HECM exam as many times as necessary to achieve the required 80% score. After you have successfully completed the exam, you are required to retake the exam every three years in order to retain your active status on the HUD HECM Counselor Roster.

Question: Where can I find study materials?

Answer: You can find study materials links at Prepare for Exam.

Question: Do I have to work for a HUD approved counseling agency to take the HUD HECM exam?

Answer: No. You can take the exam without being employed at a HUD approved agency. However, when registering to take the exam, you must follow specific instructions. When registering, the system will require you to list the name of your housing counseling agency. If you are not yet employed at an agency, HUD has indicated that test takers should enter “No Agency”, and enter “80000” as a place holder for the HUD Housing Counseling System (HUD HCS) ID.

Question: Need Special Accommodations?

Answer: If you need special assistance under the Americans with Disabilities Act, send an email to supportnetcert@netcertification.com at least three weeks before the date on which you would like to take the exam. Provide specific information on your requirements as well as where and when you would like to take the exam.

Question: What is my institution code when contacting ProctorU?

Answer: "PAVR - HECM".

Question: When will I know my exam score?

Answer: Immediately following the completion of the exam, your score will be shown on the screen. You will not receive a certificate. The data is sent to HUD and the records are kept electronically.

Question: What will happen once I pass the HUD HECM exam?

Answer: The HUD HECM exam results are submitted to HUD once a week. At that time, HUD processes the results. When you apply for the HUD HECM roster, your exam results will be on file with HUD. You are not required to provide proof that you successfully completed the exam.

Question: Will I automatically be added to the HUD HECM roster once I pass the exam?

Answer: No. You must apply to be added to the roster

Question: Why do I get an error message telling me that there are no exam records on file when I try to register for the Roster? I took and passed the HECM exam.

Answer: If you took the exam less than 7 days ago, please wait a few additional days before applying to the HUD HECM roster. Exam results are sent to HUD once a week, so it takes a few days for your exam results to reach HUD. If you took the exam more than 7 days ago, the problem may be that the information you are providing to FHA Connection does not match the information you provided at the time you registered for your exam. Contact hecmexam_support@pavrsoftware.com to validate your exam data.

Question: Do I need to submit proof that I passed the HECM exam?

Answer: No, HUD receives this information on a weekly basis directly from PAVR Software.

Question: Who do I contact for all questions related to the HECM Roster?

Answer: HECM Roster questions should be directed to housing.counseling@hud.gov and sfadmin@hud.gov.

Question: Who do I contact for all questions related to FHA Connection?

Answer: FHA Connection questions should be directed to housing.counseling@hud.gov and sfadmin@hud.gov.

Question: When I pass the HECM exam, will I receive an official certification?

Answer: No. Upon successful completion of your exam, a screen will appear indicating whether you passed or failed the exam (see example below). This is the only notification that you will receive. Please print a copy of this screen for your records by clicking the Print this Page icon at the bottom of the screen.


Question: What is the data collection and privacy policy?

Answer: Our data collection and privacy policy can be found here HECMExamWebsitePrivacyPolicy-12.1.2020

Redesigned web site

(Date Announced: August 26, 2014)

Redesigned and updated hecmexam.com web site is launched now. Please give us your feedback.


Cancellation/Refund/Reschedule/No-Show Policies

(Date Announced: July 19, 2013)

Purchasers are only eligible for a refund within thirty calendar (30) days of the date of purchase. Any requests outside the first thirty days are not eligible for refunds.

Rescheduling of an exam is limited to two (2) times and must be done outside of 48 hours from the exam date originally scheduled. Further, exam dates must be scheduled within 120 days of purchase. The expiration on the exam purchase is 150 days.

Additionally, canceling on the day of an exam or no-shows for scheduled exams will result in the forfeiture of said exam and require a new exam to be purchased in order to take the test.

NO EXCEPTIONS are allowed and by purchasing exam through the system, all purchasers are acknowledging they have read the rules and agree to abide by them.


Change in HECM Testing Methodology - HUD Response

(Date Announced: December 20, 2012)

The change from Neighborworks to PAVR Software Solution LLC (PAVR) to oversee and administer the HECM examination has provided an opportunity to utilize cost saving advancements in testing methodology. Utilizing technology such as online proctors and webcams will serve to reduce cost not only to HUD, but more importantly, to the individuals taking the test itself. As part of the testing procedures PAVR Software Solutions LLC will provide to individuals, all the necessary equipment to take the exam. It is included in the cost of taking the exam and the test cost will remain the same.

Students will have the opportunity to request web camera and/or microphone during scheduling the exam by submitting a request to supportnetcert@netcertification.com. However there could be additional delays in scheduling the exam due to this. PAVR will provide step by step instructions on installing and utilizing the equipment and method to return it once the test is completed. Agencies and or individuals will need to have Internet access and access to a computer that has the minimum capabilities described at https://support.proctoru.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011772748-Equipment-Requirements

The new testing methodology will also provide a number of advantages to the agencies and individuals. There is greater flexibility in when the test can be scheduled and allows for taking the exam at the individual’s work site. Other benefits include less time away from work sites, reduction in agencies expenses for items such as travel reimbursement for individuals taking the test. Scheduling is often much easier with many dates and times available to take the exam. Exams can be scheduled for any available date just 3 days after they register. Students can test their computer readiness prior to the actual exam by going to https://support.proctoru.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036024511-How-do-I-test-my-equipment-. Here is a link to get more familiar with online proctoring https://support.proctoru.com/hc/en-us/categories/115001818507